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What Does Automated Website Testing Mean?

Automated website testing is a process in which various software tools are used to evaluate the performance of a website. The process streamlines and standardizes website testing parameters for configuration changes that occur during the development phase, thus conserving resources and delivering consistent results to site owners and administrators.


Techopedia Explains Automated Website Testing

Before automated website testing, developers created special test suites to determine site functionality and security.

Automated website testing tools are geared toward achieving a customizable and reusable test suite used to examine every aspect of a website to streamline the workflow with minimal user intervention.

Noted examples of automated testing software are:

  • Selenium: Its purpose is Web browser automation but also can be used for automated testing and administrative website tasks
  • Ranorex: Used for automated testing of websites, desktop and mobile applications
  • Sahi: Open source testing automation tool for Web applications
  • Watir: Web application testing tool that pragmatically controls a Web browser, unlike other tools that use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for browser simulation

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