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Jitter Test

What Does Jitter Test Mean?

A jitter test is a type of network performance test that helps to evaluate and measure the rate and statistics of network-jitter-based errors and latency.


Jitter tests help in identifying the amount of jitter present on a network connection or infrastructure. They help in understanding how quickly packets are arriving at the destination.

Techopedia Explains Jitter Test

A jitter test primarily evaluates the rate of change in time taken to transmit a network packet. It is done by observing network traffic, specifically the timing of packet delivery. It is usually done by connecting a computer with an external server and passing data between them. The transmission is tested, measured and analyzed for overall jitters.

Jitter tests can also be performed through a third-party service that evaluates the packet transmissions of a network to identify the rate of jitter. It is one of the tests used when checking the performance and speed of a network or Internet connection.

In addition to networks, it is also used in hardware design to monitor delay and variations in inter-processor communication.


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