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PC Recovery

What Does PC Recovery Mean?

PC recovery is the process of recovering a PC from software- or hardware-based problems and restoring it to normal working condition.


It enables PC users to regain basic operations on their computers after experiencing a crash, corruption, physical/technical error or other problems that have made the PC inaccessible.

PC recovery is also known as computer recovery.

Techopedia Explains PC Recovery

PC recovery is the effort made by end users or system administrators in recovering and restoring a computer from a problem that has made it inaccessible. Typically, PC recovery requires a diagnosis of the problem, and then finding and implementing a solution.

The most common reasons that PC recovery is required include:

  • Operating system or critical files are corrupted – The PC in this case is generally recovered by reinstalling the OS or using the OS’s native recovery solution, such as the System Restore feature in the Windows family of OSs.
  • Intentional or unintentional file deletion or formatting – Recover and restore data and files that were deleted or formatted using backup storage or through a data recovery tool.
  • Hardware malfunction: Replacing or repairing hardware components in the PC

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