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Network Diagnostic Software

What Does Network Diagnostic Software Mean?

Network diagnostic software is designed to help user and network administrators in scanning, diagnosing and identifying problems within a computer network.


It is a type of network management software that helps in finding network connectivity, performance and other related problems.

Techopedia Explains Network Diagnostic Software

Network diagnostic software primarily helps in automating the process of network troubleshooting. Rather than the network administrator or a user manually looking for errors, it scans and searches along all known network ports, paths and interfaces to find network problems.

Some of the ways network diagnostic software can be used include:

  • Internet/network connectivity issues such as unplugged wires, misconfigured proxy and more
  • DNS analysis
  • Identify and troubleshoot IP-addressing-related errors

In addition to network troubleshooting, network diagnostic software provides insight into basic network availability and performance statistics. It can be part of a network management/network performance monitoring application. Moreover, it can be used to diagnose network issues on both general end-user and enterprise networks.


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