Business Rule Management System

What Does Business Rule Management System Mean?

A business rule management system (BRMS) is a software system that is designed to automate the implementation of a business rule. A business rule is a rule that defines some operation of a business and always evaluates true or false. With a BRMS, companies can quickly adapt to new operating conditions without having to involve IT staff.


Techopedia Explains Business Rule Management System

A business rule management system is a software package that allows businesses to deploy new business rules across an entire enterprise. Business rules may be based on company policies or laws and regulations that a company or industry operates under.

A BRMS can reduce the time it takes to implement new business rules by automating changes to IT systems such as databases without the IT department having to manually reconfigure these systems. The downside is that because defining business rules requires a lot of knowledge about a company, industry and regulations, a BRMS is often difficult to implement.


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