Website Security Test

What Does Website Security Test Mean?

A website security test is an essential process used to achieve overall online security. During testing, an entire set of unacceptable inputs is considered. Then, focus is given to the inputs that are more likely to create significant failure, with respect to the website’s security and other fulfillment requirements. The process involves doing unorthodox things, like clicking an action prior to completion of a previous request, or simply inputting an incorrect password.


A website security test is synonymous to a software quality test and does not necessarily concern security features .

Techopedia Explains Website Security Test

A website security test may vary, depending on website requirements. The first step is establishing the website’s security requirements to determine the types of tests that will yield the strongest evidence that established security requirements have actually been fulfilled. The hardest part may be creating anti-security inputs and then testing and proving the outcome of those tests.

It is often easy to determine requirements, such as whether or not a non-registered user has the ability to download a resource. It is another thing altogether to create a test scenario and subsequently prove whether or not it actually occurred.

A website security test accomplishes two things:

  • Provides security evidence that the website actually does what it is supposed to do.

  • Fulfilling requirements: For example, functionality may ask for a login system, but requirements dictate behaviors manifested by that login system according to different inputs.


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