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Ethernet Data Acquisition

What Does Ethernet Data Acquisition Mean?

Ethernet data acquisition hardware is a type of data acquisition hardware that uses Ethernet connections to condition signal data and otherwise transmit data in a laboratory environment or in other situations where hardware systems are acquiring information from outside signals.


Typically, scientific setups use transducers, sensors and other equipment to take in analog data and process it in digital form. Ethernet data acquisition tools act as a bridge between computers and external signals, often sending data to wireless routers or other hardware nodes that can conduct that information in a wireless way.

Techopedia Explains Ethernet Data Acquisition

Part of the data acquisition intake process involves signal conditioning, where devices and systems have to streamline data or make it consistent for adequate acquisition. Other hardware is made specifically for signal conditioning, and will work with dedicated Ethernet data acquisition (DAQ) hardware. Ethernet data acquisition hardware will form part of a larger platform for intake and output of data for scientific uses or other purposes.


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