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Member Portal

What Does Member Portal Mean?

A member portal, or intranet portal, is a web page designed for members of an organization to get easy access to important information. A portal might include access to email, web apps, analytics, wikis and bulletin boards. A member portal is typically assigned as the home page of web browsers installed on an organization’s computers.


Member portal also refers to a website that a company, such as an insurance provider, sets up for members to access information on their accounts.

Techopedia Explains Member Portal

A member portal is similar to an internet portal, but designed for internal use by an organization rather than public use. Like a conventional internet portal, it displays important information at a glance. This can include access to email, news feeds, information on business operations, bulletin boards, wikis and other tools. As more companies embrace cloud-based productivity apps like Google Apps, they are also frequently added to member portals.

While these portals are designed for internal use, outside access is possible. For security reasons, access to the portal may be restricted to VPN connections.

Because member portals are so useful, they are often configured as the home page for web browsers on company-issued computers. The most popular platform for implementing a member portal is Microsoft SharePoint.

Member portals can also be set up for a company’s customers, such as a website allowing bank customers to check their balance and set up wire transfers.


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