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Host-Based Modem

What Does Host-Based Modem Mean?

A host-based modem is a modem that uses a computer's CPU for certain processing duties, facilitating lower-priced modems and modem circuits. Few, if any, host-based modems are still manufactured.


A host-based modem is also known as a winmodem.

Techopedia Explains Host-Based Modem

Some host-based modems included controller software, allowing for multiplatform modem use. However, the majority only include Windows operating system software (winmodems) and could not be used with any other OS. In addition, locating host-based modem drivers for other OS types was practically impossible.

Host-based modems included easily-upgradeable drivers that also upgraded the firmware. However, most host-based modems were known for slowing down computer processing and creating additional issues.


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