Organic User Interface

What Does Organic User Interface Mean?

An organic user interface (OUI) is a type of user interface that involves a non-flat display, where users control an object by manipulating an actual physical shape.


Techopedia Explains Organic User Interface

One way to describe an organic user interface is to contrast it with flat interfaces commonly used on mobile or tablet device touch screens. These are flat and are controlled by gestures on a two-dimensional plane. By contrast, an organic user interface consists of a means to move or manipulate an object in three dimensions. One of the most common examples is a bendable piece of material where the controls are designed to respond to different kinds of bending or three-dimensional motion.

Experts are calling this kind of IT design an organic user interface because of the natural way that these interfaces work. The organic user interface is one new alternative for integrating designs that make more sense in terms of human interaction with computers. Researchers continue to look at how to respond to user desires and behaviors with new interfaces that work differently than traditional technologies.


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