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Web Graphics Library (WebGL)

Last updated: April 6, 2014

What Does Web Graphics Library (WebGL) Mean?

Web Graphics Library (WebGL) is an application programming interface (API) tool for building three-dimensional (3-D) graphics into a Web browser. It helps Web developers avoid the use of plug-ins when enhancing Web graphics in different browser environments.


Techopedia Explains Web Graphics Library (WebGL)

WebGL is one aspect of creating modern and advanced 3-D images or animations for new projects built on the Internet. Discussions about WebGL have centered on the various uses of this program and its relative security.

In the past, HTML5 typically replaced the traditional Flash 5 as a primary animation platform. Developers have built many interesting kinds of animations with tools like WebGL. With other tools like Canvas and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images, browsers can support new kinds of graphics and animation for the Web.

WebGL is often used with JavaScript (JS) programming projects. Tools like Visual Basic (VB) or Visual Basic Script (VBScript) are also useful.


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