What Does Blackphone Mean?

A Blackphone is a specific type of mobile device that provides more privacy for users. This product, which provides secure messaging, is made by the Swiss startup of the same name, which is partnering with a company called Silent Circle.


Techopedia Explains Blackphone

The Blackphone product was unveiled in early 2014 and considered a big advance in changing the equation on smartphone security and privacy. The customized encrypted operating system shields user data from outside parties. Part of the ability of Blackphone relies on sending users precise messages about data requests from smart phone applications, many of which ask for access to locational details, cell phone contacts or other details.

A Blackphone device retails for a higher price than the average smartphones. It represents a significant change in how manufacturers make and sell devices, as 2013 revelations about NSA activities spooked a lot of Americans. The Blackphone is not considered to be “completely NSA proof,” but it does represent a move in the direction of more privacy for consumers.


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