Elastic MapReduce

What Does Elastic MapReduce Mean?

Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is a Web-delivered data processing service that utilizes the data analytics software Hadoop, which is an open-source tool valuable in different kinds of big data analysis and processing.


Techopedia Explains Elastic MapReduce

Elastic MapReduce is a proprietary system for the Amazon company that is now dominant in consumer shipping. Elastic MapReduce helps the company to sort and process large amounts of internal data.

Elastic MapReduce is based on the MapReduce function, an element of the traditional Hadoop software. Hadoop and its accessories are open-source parts of a system for dealing with big data. There is a file handling system called HDFS, and tools such as MapReduce that help to parse and sort data.

The Elastic MapReduce software platform is useful in various types of data analysis, from Web indexing to data warehousing, and in different kinds of automated business processes such as those that use machine learning. The Amazon company also points to various benefits of Elastic MapReduce, such as scalable and easy-to-set-up data platforms, reliable functionality, adequate security with the right controls, and versatility for data handlers and network administrators.


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