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What Does Industrial Internet Consortium Mean?

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a nonprofit, open-membership organization established with the goal of accelerating the development and availability of intelligent industrial automation systems for the common good.


It was founded in 2014 by AT&T, Cisco, GE, Intel and IBM to further the development and global adoption of interconnected machines and intelligent analytics, and, especially, to enhance collaboration between people in different industries.

Techopedia Explains Industrial Internet Consortium

The IIC not only advocates the standardization of various protocols and processes on the Internet, but also seeks to better lives by fostering the development and implementation of smart technologies like self-navigating cars that can help prevent accidents and lessen traffic, or health monitoring systems that can work from anywhere so that a patient with certain conditions does not need to stay in the hospital or may just stay at home for observation. The consortium aims to do these through the convergence of technology and intelligent data in what it calls the “Industrial Internet.”

The role of the organization is to catalyze, coordinate and manage collaborative efforts between industries, academia and governments in order to accelerate the growth of the Industrial Internet. The goals of the consortium are as follows:

  • Use existing and also create new use cases and test beds for real-world applications
  • Influence global standards processes for industrial systems and the Internet
  • Deliver reference architecture and standards, best practices and case studies in order to ease the development and deployment of interconnected technologies
  • Facilitate open forums for people in industry and academia to exchange real-world ideas, insights, lessons and best practices
  • Foster confidence in new and innovative security approaches

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