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Peripheral Component Interconnect Modem

What Does Peripheral Component Interconnect Modem Mean?

Peripheral component interconnect modem (PCI modem) is any modem that connects to the motherboard of a computer through a peripheral component interconnect bus and is controlled by a device driver.


PCI modems are also called internal modems.

Techopedia Explains Peripheral Component Interconnect Modem

A PCI modems come in two types:

  • Traditional dial-up modems
  • Win modems (also called soft modems)

In the 1990s, PCI local bus architecture began replacing industry standard architecture (ISA). Many computers were designed to accommodate both the technologies.

The PCI modems were followed by PCI express (PCI-E) expansion cards that incorporated the modems. The PCI-E cards offer a faster hardware interface than PCI modems.


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