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Internet of Everything

What Does Internet of Everything Mean?

The internet of everything (IoE) is a broad term that refers to devices and consumer products connected to the internet and outfitted with expanded digital features. It is a philosophy in which technology's future is comprised of many different types of appliances, devices and items connected to the global internet.


The term is somewhat synonymous with the internet of things (IoT).

Techopedia Explains Internet of Everything

IoE is based on the idea that in the future, internet connections will not be restricted to laptop or desktop computers and a handful of tablets, as in previous decades. Instead, machines will generally become smarter by having more access to data and expanded networking opportunities.

Actual IoE applications range from digital sensor tools/interfaces used for remote appliances to smarter and more well-connected mobile devices, industrial machine learning systems and other types of distributed hardware that have recently become more intelligent and automated.

IoE features fall under two main categories:

  • Input: Allows analog or external data to be put into a piece of hardware

  • Output: Allows a piece of hardware to be put back into the internet

The IoE term is driving much discussion about IT's future. For example, organizations like Cisco use the term in its branding to refer to the potential of modern and future technology.


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