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Offsite Backup

What Does Offsite Backup Mean?

An offsite backup is a backup process or facility that stores backup data or applications external to the organization or core IT environment.


It is similar to a standard backup process, but uses a facility or storage media that is not physically located within the organization’s core infrastructure.

Offsite backup is also known as offsite data backup or offsite data protection, but the latter’s focus is on the process of securing an offsite data backup facility.

Techopedia Explains Offsite Backup

Offsite backups are primarily is used in data backup and disaster-recovery measures. The core objective behind storing and maintaining data at a backup facility is to:

  • Secure data from malicious attacks
  • Keep a backup copy of data in case the primary site is damaged or destroyed

Cloud backup, online backup or managed backup are examples of offsite backup solutions that enable an individual or organization to store data at facilities that are geographically and logically external.


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