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Offsite Data Protection

What Does Offsite Data Protection Mean?

Offsite data protection is the process of storing and protecting backup data on an external/offsite backup storage device or facility.


It is similar to data backup or offsite data backup techniques that secure and protect data at rest at an offsite location.

Offsite data protection is also known as vaulting. It is also sometimes known as offsite data backup, whereas offsite data protection adds security processes within the backup process, offsite data backup is used only to store/backup data.

Techopedia Explains Offsite Data Protection

Offsite data protection is primarily done as means to keep a secure backup instance of key business data. It is done as part of the disaster recovery and continuity process. Typically, offsite data protection not only provides backup of data, but also some level of security or protection. This can be in the form of data encryption and managed access control processes over the backup data. The data can be stored on an organization-owned offsite IT facility or on a managed/online/cloud data backup facility.


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