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Data Protection Management

What Does Data Protection Management Mean?

Data protection management (DPM) is the management and monitoring of data backup and protection services of a computer network or IT environment.


It consists of tools, techniques and methodologies to ensure that the data protection and/or backup process is accomplished within the preferred environment/requirements/procedure.

Techopedia Explains Data Protection Management

DPM is primarily achieved through a combination of manual and automated data protection and backup processes. DPM is used by storage and/or network administrators to automate and govern the management and monitoring process of data protection and backup.

DPM ensures:

  • Implementation and compliance of best data backup and protection techniques

  • Access control, encryption and other security processes are applied on the backup data

DPM also adds on to the capabilities of standard backup management processes by complementing the backup process with insight into the:

  • Infrastructure health and capacity
  • Identifying technical and logical errors within the backup environment
  • Ensures compliance with audit, S LA and other operational requirements

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