Data Center Backup

What Does Data Center Backup Mean?

Data center backup is the process of backing up and archiving the data, applications and/or infrastructure of a data center.


It is a broad process that includes manual and automated tools and techniques to create a backup instance of the data center’s data and resources.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Backup

Data center backup is primarily done as part of the data center’s disaster recovery and business continuity measures. Typically, data center backup involves:

  • Data backup and archiving of systems and nodes across the data center facility
  • Installing and maintaining redundant and backup hardware infrastructure resources such as servers, desktop and networking devices and/or Internet connection
  • Backup instances of non-functional data center components such as data center power and cooling resources

Data center backup for data and applications is typically achieved through data center or enterprise-class backup software. The backup data can be stored at an on-premise data backup facility or at an offsite or third-party backup facility.


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