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Data Center Hosting

What Does Data Center Hosting Mean?

Data center hosting is the process of deploying and hosting a data center on a third-party or external service provider’s infrastructure.


It enables the use of the same services, features and capabilities of a data center but from a hosted platform external to the on-premises data center or IT infrastructure.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Hosting

Data center hosting is primarily done through a cloud or managed data center service provider. The data and applications are migrated from the existing data center to the hosted data center. The service provider is responsible for providing power and the basic operational environment to the data center facility.

For each data center hosting client, the service provider can allocate entirely separate data center resources or use a shared infrastructure. The client can access the data center and all resources from the Internet or through a secure network connection.

Cloud data centers and managed data centers are common models of data center hosting.


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