Data Center Layout

What Does Data Center Layout Mean?

In data center design, data center layout is the physical and/or logical layout of the data center infrastructure and resources.


It defines how the data center will be visually created or implemented. Before implementation, data center layout is usually created with a data center map or diagram.

Data center layout is also known as data center floor layout.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Layout

Data center layout is primarily used in data center design and construction to plan out the best possible housing of physical hardware and resources in the data center. As the data center floor is expensive, planning data center layout prior to implementation can help data center designers in understanding and evaluating the space consumed.

It also helps in planning for the operational implementation of other non-functional resources, such as positioning cooling towers or air conditioners in close proximity to the server rooms, and reducing cabling requirements by deploying servers and storage infrastructure close to each other.


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