Data Center Capacity Management

Last updated: July 7, 2014

What Does Data Center Capacity Management Mean?

Data center capacity management is a broad process that includes all the process, tools and methodologies to manage the process of data center capacity planning, design and implementation.

It is an IT capacity management process that routinely reviews, analyzes and plans for capacity planning within the data center.


Techopedia Explains Data Center Capacity Management

Typically, data center capacity management requires a formal design of a data center capacity plan. This management ensures that the capacity plan is implemented and the entire infrastructure is routinely analyzed for any improvement or optimization.

It can also be automated through purpose-built software that analyzes the current infrastructure with ongoing and future computing requirements. In addition to core computing resources, data center capacity management also analyzes non-functional components for future needs, such as power and cooling resources and the overall data center floor space. It is part of the data center infrastructure management process.


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