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Data Center Power Management

What Does Data Center Power Management Mean?

Data center power management is a broad process that enables the management, measurement and monitoring of power generation, consumption and optimization within a data center facility.

It is part of the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) process that aims to provide administrative control over the electrical energy tools and processes of a data center.


Techopedia Explains Data Center Power Management

Data center power management involves identifying, implementing and monitoring processes to improve power efficiency within the data center, both at the hardware and software level. This can include retiring older equipment in favor of newer equipment that consumes less power, as well as installation of power management software to measure, monitor and control power consumption throughout the data center.

Some of the key processes within data center power management include:

  • Identifying and analyzing power consumption across the data center on a modular level
  • Planning for capacity increment in line with the future data center requirements
  • Monitoring and upkeep of backup power resources (generators, UPS, solar, etc.)
  • Minimizing energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions

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