Wireless Internet

What Does Wireless Internet Mean?

Wireless Internet service is a type of Internet service that provisions connectivity through wireless means.

It provides Internet connectivity service to end users and organizations over a wireless communication network. Wireless Internet service is primarily delivered by a wireless Internet service provider (WISP).


Techopedia Explains Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is typically provided by wireless Internet service providers (WISP) that broadcast wireless Internet signals in a specific geographical location. Typically, wireless Internet is delivered through radio waves or satellite signals.

Being an environment-dependent communication medium, wireless Internet is generally slower than wired Internet connections. Generally, connection to wireless Internet requires a wireless Internet modem, wireless access card or Internet dongle by the end user.

WiMax and EV-Do are common examples of wireless Internet. Wireless Internet may also include accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi connection within a home, office or local network.


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