Intel Corei3

What Does Intel Corei3 Mean?

An Intel Corei3 is an Intel proprietary processor that is built on the framework of multiprocessor architecture.


It is a type of dual-core processor with an integrated graphic processing unit (GPU). It is a successor of the Core 2 series of processors produced by Intel. It can be installed within mobile, desktop and embedded devices.

Techopedia Explains Intel Corei3

An Intel Corei3 is built using several micro-architectures such as:

  • Clark Dale
  • Sandy Bridge
  • Ivy Bridge
  • Haswell

It consists of two cores, but supports four different threads simultaneously. The clock speed of a Corei3 ranges from 1.70 GHz to 3.4 GHz. Intel has launched several generations of Corei3 processors, each improving on the capabilities and performance of the former. The latest versions have higher processor caches with less power consumption, ranging from 73 W thermal design power (TDP) to as low as 15 TDP. Moreover, some of the latest generations of the Intel Corei3 support error correction code (ECC) memory, Intel Platform Protection Security and Intel OS Guards, an embedded security feature for protecting BIOS, enabling secure boot and prevention against attacks.


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