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Turbo Boost

What Does Turbo Boost Mean?

Turbo Boost is an Intel trademark technology that enables the underlying processor to run faster than its specific or configured processing speed/limit.


It is available in Intel Corei5, Corei7 and some Corei3 processors. Intel achieves Turbo Boost using dynamic overclocking techniques.

Techopedia Explains Turbo Boost

Intel Turbo Boost primarily extends the frequency level of the processor above its rated frequency to achieve higher processing power. Based on the current operating environment, Turbo Boost provides the maximum level of processing power possible. This is generally dependent on:

  • Current workload on the processor
  • Available cores
  • Processor temperature
  • Current and required power consumption

If these variables are to their lower limit, Turbo Boost can deliver maximum performance and processor scalability to the requesting processes or applications.

Typically, a 2.0 quad-core processor with 2.0 GHz base frequency can be overclocked to up to 3.20 GHz using Turbo Boost.


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