Data Visualization Software

What Does Data Visualization Software Mean?

Data visualization software provides the conversion of textual and numeric data into visual charts, figures and tables. It is used as a means to create application/system performance or operational dashboards by bringing in important data to a central interface.


Data visualization software is also known as dashboard software.

Techopedia Explains Data Visualization Software

Data visualization software is typically integrated with the underlying system. It captures, analyzes and reports on key performance and/or or operational statistics from the software/system. The captured data is visually presented in a preconfigured visual data mode. For example, the monthly number of visitors on a website may be presented in bar charts where each bar represents the number of visitors in that particular month.

Data visualization software depends on input data, usually from the analyzed system or software to display data visually. It can work as a standalone application or as part of a hardware, software or IT system.


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