Data Protection Policy

What Does Data Protection Policy Mean?

Data protection policy is a type of security policy that aims to design, implement, guide, monitor and manage security over an organization’s data.


It primarily aims at securing and protecting logical data stored, consumed, and managed by an organization. This data can be stored within the organization core infrastructure, offsite location or at an online / cloud service.

Techopedia Explains Data Protection Policy

The key objective behind data protection policy is ensuring the security and integrity of data at rest and in motion – regardless of its physical or logical location. The data protection policy will be designed to ensure security across all the data storage / consuming location.

A comprehensive data protection policy includes:

  • Scope of data protection
  • Data protection method/ policy at the granular level i.e. individual, department, device and/or IT environment
  • Legal requirements for data protection
  • Roles and responsibilities of data custodian or staff that will ensure data protection

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