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Device Management

What Does Device Management Mean?

Device management is the process of managing the implementation, operation and maintenance of a physical and/or virtual device. It is a broad term that includes various administrative tools and processes for the maintenance and upkeep of a computing, network, mobile and/or virtual device.


Techopedia Explains Device Management

Device management generally performs the following:

  • Installing device and component-level drivers and related software
  • Configuring a device so it performs as expected using the bundled operating system, business/workflow software and/or with other hardware devices.
  • Implementing security measures and processes.

Devices usually refer to physical/hardware devices such as computers, laptops, servers, mobile phones and more. They could also be virtual, however, such as virtual machines or virtual switches. In Windows, device management is also an administrative module that is used for managing or configuring the physical devices, ports and interfaces of a computer or server.


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