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Network Backup

What Does Network Backup Mean?

Network backup is the process of copying and backing up all end devices and network nodes in a computer network.


Network backup may also refer to the actual data or files that are backed up in a network backup process.

Techopedia Explains Network Backup

Network backup is an integral part of the backup and recovery process in an IT environment. It is typically done using network backup software, which identifies the network components to back up, configures the backup schedule and copies the data to a backup storage.

Network backup is typically used for the following:

  • Creating backup instances of operating systems installed on end devices (computers/servers) and other networking devices (routers and switches)
  • Backing up of all data stored on all devices in a network
  • Saving and backing up network configuration files

The data stored by a network backup process can be used for restoring an entire network and/or an individual node. Network backup may also be used in disaster recovery sites as a way of replicating and restoring network services if the primary network is unavailable.


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