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What Does OS X Server Mean?

OS X Server is a server operating system designed specifically to be installed and used on Apple-based server machines.


It is an Apple proprietary server OS. Apple has released several versions of the OS X server, including Cheetah Server (version 10.0), Puma Server (version 10.1) and Mavericks Server (version 10.9, released Oct 2013). OS X Server was initially released in 1999.

OS X Server was formerly known as Mac OS X Server.

Techopedia Explains OS X Server

OS X Server’s user interface is similar to the desktop version of OS X. It has support for popular open-source technologies such as UNIX, Java, Carbon and other development and database technologies. OS X server incorporates the OS kernel and features from UNIX OS.

OS X Server combines several types of servers within one OS, enabling the creation of:

  • File-sharing server
  • Email server
  • Caching server
  • Xcode server
  • Wiki server

Some of the features of OS X Server include:

  • File-sharing services
  • User profile management
  • Backup and storage management
  • Server administration
  • Calendar management
  • Contact management

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