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Burn-In Test

What Does Burn-In Test Mean?

In computer testing, a burn-in test is a type of test where a computer, device or component is run for an extended length of time in order to identify any potential problems.


It aims to reveal any problems or defects within a system by operating it in the most rigorous, extreme or extended working conditions.

Techopedia Explains Burn-In Test

Burn-in tests are usually performed on hardware devices and equipment within the manufacturing facility. They enable the detection of any problems before the device is released to the open market or for consumers.

The burn-in test can be for an entire system or can be performed at a modular level, individually on each component. If any component is defective, it is most likely to be detected during the burn-in test. In electronic devices, a burn-in test usually determines the maximum temperature it can sustain.


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