What Does CarPlay Mean?

CarPlay is an aftermarket, in-car mobile/Smartphone access solution that enables individuals to use iPhones within their cars by using the vehicle’s native control and display system.


It is an Apple proprietary product that provides voice activated feature to access iPhone in a vehicle.

CarPlay is also known as was as iOS in the car.

Techopedia Explains CarPlay

CarPlay, to give a safer driving experience, is primarily designed to be voice controlled. CarPlay works by connecting the iPhone with the car (in-car display system) using a data cable on supported vehicles.

The user can access the iPhone from the car’s built-in display system. Users can play songs, make calls, send or receive messages, access maps, and more. They also can customize the home screen to customize the display.

Besides voice control, users can access iPhone features using the car’s native controls or directly through the car’s native touch screen display.

As of 2014, CarPlay is available on limited vehicle manufacturers and is available on iPhone 5 series of phones.


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