Network Attached Storage Server

What Does Network Attached Storage Server Mean?

A network attached storage (NAS) server is a type of storage server that provides NAS-based storage infrastructure within an IT environment or enterprise.


A NAS server is a purpose-built server that combines NAS management utilities and NAS infrastructure in a single server, with all the resources required for deploying, managing and operating a NAS.

Techopedia Explains Network Attached Storage Server

A NAS server is similar to a standard high-end server but is pre-equipped with bulk storage capacity, multiple high-speed network access ports and interface as well as NAS management utilities and applications.

Most NAS servers are modular in design and have the ability to add multiple storage drives or add complete new storage modules. It has built-in firmware that provides control over the NAS resources. A NAS server can also separate storage capacity for read- and write-intensive functions.


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