Storage Area Network Server (SAN Server)

Last updated: June 3, 2014

What Does Storage Area Network Server (SAN Server) Mean?

A storage area network (SAN) server is a type of storage server that provides SAN-based storage infrastructure within an IT environment or enterprise.

A SAN server is a purpose-built server that combines SAN management utilities and SAN infrastructure in a single server, comprising all resources required for deploying, managing and operating a SAN.


Techopedia Explains Storage Area Network Server (SAN Server)

A SAN server is like a standard high-end server but is pre-equipped with:

  • Bulk storage drives
  • Multiple high-speed Internet/Ethernet/network access ports and interface
  • SAN management utilities and applications

Most SAN servers are modular in design and have the ability to add multiple storage drives or add complete new storage modules. They have built-in firmware and/or operating systems that provide control over the SAN resources. SAN servers can also separate storage capacity for intensive read/write functions.


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