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Storage Area Network Management

What Does Storage Area Network Management Mean?

Storage area network (SAN) management refers to the collective measures, processes, tools and technologies that enable the operation, administration and maintenance of a SAN infrastructure.


It is a broad term that utilizes a layered approach that starts from the lower hardware level to the top software level in managing and maintaining a SAN infrastructure.

Techopedia Explains Storage Area Network Management

SAN management is generally performed through a central location, usually in the form of a SAN management application or a SAN server. This enables a central interface to allocate, manage and monitor storage. SAN management also includes monitoring the utilization of SAN resources, resolving issues, ensuring security and optimizing operations for best performance.

SAN management may also include:

  • Planning for future expansion
  • Capacity management
  • Support for virtualization/cloud use
  • Infrastructure management
  • Creating and managing RAID levels
  • LUN mapping
  • Usage monitoring
  • Backup management

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