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Real Time Big Data Analytics

What Does Real Time Big Data Analytics Mean?

Real time big data analytics is referred to the process of analyzing large volume of data at the moment it is produced or used.


It is the process of extracting valuable information for the organization using as soon as its stored/created within big data repository /infrastructure.

Techopedia Explains Real Time Big Data Analytics

Real time analytics is a form of big data analytics but rather focus on big data produced/consumed/stored within a live environment. Such as analyzing mass amount of data as it is produced within stock exchanges, banks and branches throughout the globe. It is mostly used in industries/organizations that routinely produce massive amount of data in a very short time. The scope of the analytics can be from multiple sources. It works by fetching/importing big data stored within a system at run time and execute data/big data analysis algorithms over it. The analytics data is delivered to the administrator usually through an analytics software dashboard.


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