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Unstructured Data Analysis

What Does Unstructured Data Analysis Mean?

Unstructured data analysis is referred to the process of analyzing data objects that doesn’t follow a predefine data model /architecture and/or is unorganized.


It is the analysis of any data that is stored over time within an organizational data repository without any intent for its orchestration, pattern or categorization.

Techopedia Explains Unstructured Data Analysis

Typically, unstructured data analysis includes analysis over each data object that is not stored in a database. These include documents, media files, images and more. The unstructured data analysis usually is done to find information, hidden trends and relationships within the data entities and/or how they relate to a specific problem / processes. Data mining, big data analytics and text analytics are some the technique through which unstructured data analysis is performed. Unstructured information management architecture (UIMA) is a framework for developing tools and applications for analyzing unstructured data analysis.


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