Hybrid Cloud Hosting

What Does Hybrid Cloud Hosting Mean?

Hybrid Cloud Hosting is a type of cloud hosting model that utilize public and private cloud hosting tools and techniques to provide a cloud hosting environment or solution.
It enables user and organization to provision a combination of public and private cloud solutions- in par with their business needs. Such as private and public cloud for critical and less critical needs respectively.


Techopedia Explains Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid cloud hosting is primarily delivered with at least one private and public cloud solution /service. Typically, a common example of hybrid cloud hosting model is created through combining public cloud storage service / capacity with dedicated servers from a private cloud offering. The private and public cloud solution /service can be from different cloud service provider or can be from the same provider. It is generally implemented to combine the best of both public and private cloud within one cohesive solution. Such as for garnering cost effectiveness of public cloud with high security and reliability of a private cloud.


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