Ticket-Granting Ticket

What Does Ticket-Granting Ticket Mean?

A ticket-granting ticket (TGT) is a small data set used in Kerberos authentication, which was developed at MIT for authenticating server traffic.


A ticket-granting ticket is also known as an authentication ticket.

Techopedia Explains Ticket-Granting Ticket

In a TGT model, the first tiny ticket or data set is issued in order to approve the beginning of authentication. An additional ticket goes to the server with client identity and other information. Like other tickets, the initial small ticket is also encrypted. In this ticket granting system, Kerberos uses some specific protocols. The client first sends the ticket-granting ticket as a request for server credentials to the server. The encrypted reply comes back with a key that is used for authentication purposes.

The client uses the TGT to “self-authenticate” with the ticket-granting server (TGS) for a secure session.


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