R Language

What Does R Language Mean?

The R Language is a project developed at Bell Laboratories and available for free under the GNU license. As a collection of software tools that work together, the R language is a software environment that accommodates a full user experience, from computational results from individual algorithms and code functions to interface technologies for display.


Techopedia Explains R Language

Running on various platforms, the R Language helps users manipulate data and achieve various types of research or analysis goals. Another value is the simplicity of its syntax, which is built around intuitive coding structures. Users also can use C or C++ to put more advanced code into R Language environments.

In this general context, the R Language helps provide businesses and other parties with more choices for data handling and data analysis. With applications for linear and nonlinear modeling, time series analysis, data clustering and statistical analysis, the R Language helps IT departments tailor in-house processes to the needs of an organization.


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