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What Does Open Compute Project Mean?

The open compute project is an initiative created by Facebook that calls for collectively and openly sharing design and architecture of data centers within IT communities or industries in general.


It was initiated by Facebook in 2011 but now includes several prominent IT solutions and consultancy service providers. Its first implementation led Facebook to use 38% less energy at one of its data centers.

Techopedia Explains Open Compute Project

The key objective behind this initiative is to share efficient and effective data center designs with other users and organizations. This include data center design and operational procedures that:

  • Help in building infrastructure or sourcing servers/ equipments, which consumes least energy.
  • Implement energy efficient data center cooling technologies such as evaporative cooling.
  • Redesign server racks and chassis to fit in more servers in the same space.
  • Eliminate a central uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system.
  • Use open source software and technologies.

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