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Virtualization Management

What Does Virtualization Management Mean?

Virtualization management is the process of overseeing and administering the operations and processes of a virtualization environment. It is part of IT management that includes the collective processes, tools and technologies to ensure governance and control over a virtualized infrastructure.


Techopedia Explains Virtualization Management

Virtualization management is primarily done from a virtual machine manager (VMM) application / utility. The primary goal of virtualization management is to ensure that virtual machines deliver services and perform computing operations as expected.

Typically, virtualization management may include processes such as:

  • Creation, deletion and modification of virtual machines, virtual networks and/or the entire virtualization infrastructure.
  • Ensures that all virtual machine software / hypervisors are up to date along with the installed OS and/or application.
  • Establish and maintain network connectivity / interconnectivity across the virtualization environment.
  • Monitor and manage performance of each virtual machine and/or virtualization environment in whole.

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