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Virtualization Monitoring

What Does Virtualization Monitoring Mean?

Virtualization monitoring is the process of analyzing and monitoring virtual machines and associated virtualization infrastructure.


It is generally a real-time activity done to prevent a virtualization environment from unexpected events, performance issues and bottlenecks, architectural changes and potential risks.

Techopedia Explains Virtualization Monitoring

Virtualization monitoring is primarily part of virtualization security and control processes. It enables in ensuring that each device /appliance within a virtualization infrastructure/ environment performs optimally or as desired.

It works through the use of automated and manual techniques that routinely monitor a virtualization environment/ infrastructure for:

  • Availability of virtual machines and appliances across the virtualization infrastructure /environment at a granular level.

  • Performance management, monitoring and reporting of certain performance related events.

  • Identifying and monitoring security and /or control issues and events.

  • Managing and monitoring the activities and processes of users / applications.


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