Geothermal Cooling

What Does Geothermal Cooling Mean?

Geothermal cooling is a cooling technique that utilizes the heat below the Earth’s surface to produce cool air in an environment.


It is a type of free cooling technique that utilizes environmental or natural conditions. It is used in data center facilities as an eco-friendly cooling process.

Techopedia Explains Geothermal Cooling

Geothermal cooling is primarily used in data centers to provide a source of cheap and efficient cooling technology. Geothermal cooling works by pushing the hot air in an environment to a level deep beneath ground level. The hot air is absorbed in water or a coolant that is drained beneath the surface using piping. Similarly, the water is pumped below the surface and circulated across the surface. The temperature below the surface is cooler, therefore the water loses its heat and is pumped back into the environment.


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