Agile Architecture

What Does Agile Architecture Mean?

Agile architecture is the process of building the foundational architecture or model of an application, system or technology using an agile framework technique or approach.


It calls for modeling, developing and constantly evolving the architecture of an IT component, system or infrastructure from the ground up, using agile techniques.

Techopedia Explains Agile Architecture

Agile architecture primarily enables the creation of a model for an IT system that later serves as a blueprint for developing or deploying it. An agile architecture is an iterative process that takes a modular approach in creating the architecture. It takes an iterative and incremental approach before being completely developed.

As with agile principles, each phase of agile architecture takes input and parts from all the team members that will eventually develop or code it. An agile architecture can be tightly or loosely coupled, based on the system, application or infrastructure being developed.


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