Website Experience Analytics

What Does Website Experience Analytics Mean?

Website experience analytics is aimed at understanding how people interact with a website. Many kinds of website experience analytics are tied to issues around customer retention or conversion, or the ability of a website to attract web users.


Techopedia Explains Website Experience Analytics

Website experience analytics is one of many different kinds of flavors of data analytics. Large comprehensive types of analytics include predictive analytics, which helps to show how a business might succeed in the future, and prescriptive analytics, which helps to drive the emergence of more accurate new strategies.

Other kinds of analytics apply to different types of business operations. One type of software and analytics commonly used by businesses is called customer relationship management. From this, some companies adopted a more specialized category of customer experience management.

Website experience management would fall under the broader category of customer experience management, which is where website experience analytics comes in: businesses seek to look at how people are using the website, and what effect that has on the company’s bottom line.


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