What Does WiGig Mean?

WiGig is a wireless standard developed by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance. It is designed to promote significantly faster speed for wireless network connections.


WiGig is also known as the IEEE 802.11ad standard.

Techopedia Explains WiGig

WiGig was developed to deal with high-speed requirements for formats such as HDTV, which generally requires a 3-Gbps speed. WiGig is projected to offer a speed of up to 25 GBps, a major speed improvement, by operating in the 60-GHz range. One of the drawbacks of this system is a shorter range because of the frequency spectrum that is used.

WiGig promises to revolutionize the design of Blu-ray players, home theaters and other audiovisual equipment. WiGig promises to offer a new way to preserve high speed in home area networks and other local area networks, so that many existing cable designs can be replaced by wireless connections.


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