Workforce Analytics

What Does Workforce Analytics Mean?

Workforce analytics is a type of analytics that focuses on workforce metrics and optimization. In general, workforce analytics focuses on analyzing parameters around a workforce and on improving or optimizing a workflow and business process.


Techopedia Explains Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics uses a combination of data analysis tools and statistical methods to measure workforce performance. For example, business leaders can identify major inefficiencies in HR processes and perform matchmaking through workforce analytics to ensure that their operations are smooth and fully staffed. Workforce analytics does not need to replace person-to-person interaction and human input in processes; it can be a supplementary tool for sound business leadership.

In context, workforce analytics are presented along with other kinds of analytics. Broader-level analytics concepts include the use of prescriptive analytics, which provides a plan for a company; predictive analytics, which tries to project future operations; and other kinds of analytics for marketing or other processes.


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